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In my previous post, Reporting vs. Analysis, we established what the differences are between the two and hopefully you realized that analysis is the most important of the two. Reporting returns little to no ROI. Also, if reporting is done properly it will lead you right back to analysis. Because if an anomaly is detected in reporting you typically need to dive into data to understand what is going on and define the next steps.

So over the next months I’ll be sharing posts from a step by step perspective using a ‘real world’ example from an of an analysis that I did some time ago. I’ll be going through what I did in Excel and things I did in SiteCatalyst to give you some insights into the process invovled in doing analysis.

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There are tons of blog posts and websites that explain the differences between reporting and analysis. Around 343 million according to Google. But there are very few that explains how to make a proper analysis. I am the first to admit, when I first started in the job as a consultant, I thought that reporting was the same as analysis. When it dawned on me that this was not the case, I was totally lost in relation to how I should get started making my first analysis. It was completely new to me and I did not in any way know what I should do or where I should start. Therefore, in the next posts I will take you step by step through one of my analysis, which hopefully can help you get started with some analysis as well.

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If your Analytics is owned by your IT team there is less hope for you than you think, and it’s not the IT team’s fault

Over the last 4-5 years I have had the pleasure of working with 100+ companies spread across virtually every industry. It has been both smaller local companies, some of the largest to large international companies in the Fortune 500.

One thing I see over and over again, regardless of company size, is how difficult it is for the company to integrate a proper ownership of their digital marketing tools. This is definitely the biggest challenge I see for companies today – regardless of how long they have worked with web analytics.

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